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ACOPERI is a non-profit organization based in the Republic of Moldova and the United States.  Established in 2020 to promote sustainable communities, ACOPERI has implemented projects in 4 communities throughout the Republic of Moldova and worked with more than 10 organizations in Moldova.  Our initiatives aim to promote education and adequate housing advocacy as well as governance and human equality. 

Our unique approach to operating within the non-profit space is that of fervent networking, dynamic partnerships, public policy research and community mediation.  This 4-part stratagem creates a foundation in which we are able to take maximize our human talents, expand our tangible resources and broaden our reach.  In essence, we get to have fun while doing good!

In February 2022, we were faced with the opportunity to test our stratagem with an influx of Ukrainian refugees needing immediate assistance. ACOPERI continues to forge ahead with strategic partnerships that create sustainable communities.

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