Assistance, Cooperation, Opportunities, Protection, Equality for Roma and Immigrants


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Our mission is to partner with Roma and Immigrants through education and advocacy so they can build more independent, sustainable housing conditions in their communities. 


Thousands of Ukrainians crossing the Moldovan border to flee their homeland.

The Republic of Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and further underserves Romani and Immigrant communities. Racism, marginalization, discrimination, bullying and police brutality gravely impact Roma and Immigrants as many are unable to work, attend school or have access to adequate healthcare or housing, all of which are human rights.

At A.C.O.P.E.R.I., we are working towards a world where EVERYONE is COVERED


Meet The Team

At A.C.O.P.E.R.I., we challenge each other to adopt a “WIN-WIN” frame of mind with every decision we make, not only for ourselves and in our personal lives but as a representative of A.C.O.P.E.R.I. With self-awareness, imagination, conscience, independent will and mutual learning, we are better able to influence individuals and collaborating organizations around us. By building characters of integrity, maturity, compassion and abundance, we are certain to build sound agreements, reliable partnerships and strong systems.

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Adriana Munteanu 



Israel Collier

Co-Founder, Policy Manager (USA/Moldova)

our story

ACOPERI has been a budding concept over time. After the President/Co-Founder, Israel Collier visited various countries on missions specific to measures that might aid humans enduring lives without adequate housing, she recognized that her poverty alleviation background had purpose. Careful observation and study followed, leading her back to the Republic of Moldova (her host country during the Peace Corps). After one conversation with the Strategic Coordinator/Co-Founder, Charles Edmond, they were off to the races in January 2020. After countless trips to the Agenția Serviciu Publice (Public Service Agency) and a series of learning curves later, ACOPERI was born. The concept continues to evolve with each partner and volunteer, small project and fundraiser. The three continue to collaborate remotely yet diligently towards a world where everyone is COVERED.



str. Mihai Kogălniceanu 66 of 3

Chișinău, Moldova 2009

Email: ongacoperi@gmail.com

Tel: +37362025740/+37360736179


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